Get Ready

2017 / 28 April

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog — a space where I share my insight and perspective on how media, public relations, and communications work to shape our past, present and future situations. This will also be a platform where teach business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives how to master their public relations, connect with their audience and make certain their unique story doesn’t go unnoticed.

Why now?

United Airlines. Shea Moisture. Sean Spicer. Pepsi.

And if you click the links, you will see that these are issues that only occurred around the same time about a month ago. It’s rare to have a day where something doesn’t make the marketing-me cringe. There are a lot of marketing and PR misses happening…..which means there are many opportunities to better connect with our audiences.

Let me know your thoughts, and any topics you’d like me to cover. I promise to keep you laughing along the way.

Stay tuned!

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