Get Ready

2017 / 29 April

Behind the Campaign

So I got your attention — every marketer’s dream. This was pretty simple exercise, and something you can do to introduce or launch a product, event or brand. When in doubt on how to get the word out, use a super simple marketing model called AIDA. It’s what “black & white” or “the little black dress” is to the fashion industry — classic, always in season, looks great on everybody, and will never die.

AIDA is an acronym for:

  • Attention – Swiftly draw your audience’s attention. I made you aware that something was about to go down.
  • Interest – Make your audience interested. In this case, I did so by strategically dropping teasers about what I was going to be promoting.
  • Desire – Stir up your audience’s desire to connect, buy or participate. Help them have a favorable disposition to what you have to offer.
  • Action – Move your audience to action, or engagement. In this case, I wanted you to come to my website and connect with me.

Now I can easily write chapters on each step, but I’ll keep this post short. I will, however, tell you that to properly execute AIDA in the digital marketing world, you need great content…and in my case, a glam squad.

Kudos to Photographer Francine Williams, of WillDocs Studios and Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Writer Bee Wade. Here’s another pro tip: If you want great content, be prepared to invest time or money — possibly both.